How to Leverage the Power of Intranets

In the hard economic times, the prevailing thought for most of the companies is about how we are able to get more out of what we have already. To leverage the power of intranets is a simple way to make sure that this philosophy would ring true in your company. When the businesses are encountered with a volatile and scary market, this usually falls by the wayside and the attention is being focused outward. To increase the revenue is the major objective even in the best of the economies. There are times that what we are all missing will turn inward, which takes the stock of how we will be able to serve the customers that we already have better.
Intranets will be the key to help your employees in providing outstanding customer service, making it easier for them to provide benefit and drive more sales. One way to increase the cost savings is to simplify the internal communication channels. This needs to be the publication’s single point for news, corporate newsletters, and announcements about your customers. If your employees will be able to find information easily and quickly, they will be able to serve the customer outside better. This can also do justice to serve the internal customer, providing cost savings when your budgets are tight. Rather than sending out some broadcast emails, you can post all of the communication on this private network. If all of the internal communication was posted on this network, the managers will be able to track which of the users have viewed the announcements by sending reminders out and checking the statistics reports accordingly.
People usually write about the key factor to successful intranets. To increase the buy-in of employee on your private network should be a priority in order to leverage the power of this network. You should make sure to know the significance of user adoption to the success of your private network. You may allow the users to participate, giving them a way to query, interact, and listen with the community of other users. There are some tips that you may implement on your network, so that you can encourage the employees to foster communication, relying on it as resource for better productivity and service.
One tip to leverage the power of intranets is to set up department and corporate bulletin and news areas. You can publish the entire announcement in your company to these areas rather than to send some broadcast emails. Rather than handing out and printing corporate newsletters, you can choose to post it on your network. You may consider creating customer blogs to share instant news related to your services and the customers. You should also advertise some new contents right on the home page of your website or set up a content feed. The users can see relevant and new content as soon as they enter the site.
Other tips include allowing the users to publish content on the site. If the users can be interactive and can contribute on the website, they can rely on it as a resource every day. Intranets should be able to provide the employees with the tools necessary to do their jobs, so that they can work as a team and efficiently.