Why become an Avast reseller

Avast is the world’s leading internet security provider which protects 230 million users worldwide. The free antivirus software of Avast is the most commonly used among schools, homes and businesses. It serves 186 countries spanning the entire globe. We not only offer PC protection service but also premium mobile security service.

Why become an Avast reseller

  • You would want to associate with the best. We have the largest consumer base. What can be a greater measure of success?
  • Very simple to setup and use. Does not occupy much space on the hard drive. So, it is easy on system resources and works really quick.
  • The millions of Avast users provide virus samples when they are encountered.
  • Offers solutions for all types of consumers such as schools, home users and large scale business enterprises.
  • Supports most operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS.
  • We have 25 years of experience under our belt.

The Pros of being an Avast reseller

  • Very appealing commission and incentive structure solely based on delivering results and certification.
  • Mode to interact with Avast headquarters in preferred language.
  • Resellers have the added advantage of getting large orders processed via reseller channel.
  • Great opportunities for growth in terms of promotions and incentives and award programs held locally.
  • Customers of non-profit, education, healthcare or government sectors receive special offers.
  • Sales activities facilitated by market development funds.
  • Able territory managers for account purposes.
  • Technical assistance and pre-sales on priority basis.

Avast Partner Academy

At the academy, our official resellers have access to an array of online sales and technical training sessions. We offer orientation training for our new partners. Open web seminars are conducted on monthly basis for specific communities and their related partners. Being a partner gives rise to the possibility of attaining individualized sales and security certifications.

Tools offered:

  • An automated B2B ordering system can be accessed by our partners on 24/7/365 basis.
  • Receive NFR license for personal use and reseller network.
  • Complete access to logos and marketing materials.
  • Well designed invoice system which permits multi- ordering facility.
  • A credit line is provided during the initial stage to free up finance.

The benefits and growth opportunities are immense when considering becoming an Avast product reseller. Avast is your window of opportunity, wide open for you to prosper.